Posted on: February 5, 2008 12:20 pm

Super Bowl Thoughts...

As I was watching the big game, I found myself torn on who I would have liked to see win.  I think history was made either way.  On one hand, as a Colts Fan, I dislike the Patriots.  Also, there is the Manning connection, not to mention that Jared Lorenzen (Giants Back up QB) played at Kentucky, of which I'm also a fan.  However, being able to witness history would have been a very neat thing to see.  I am young enough that the 72 Dolphins were not from my time, so there is no connection there.  I do remember the 85 Bears, but that was not the "perfect season."  I found myself just watching the game from a completly neutral standpoint until the fourth quarter.  Do I root for the Pats, and allow myself to witness history, or root for the Giants, due to the player connections?  That question was answered by an Eli Manning touchdown pass, to Tyree, that gave the Giants their second lead.  I found myself cheering, actually SCREAMING, that finally, yes finally, we would get to quit hearing about the Patriots.  And the history made by the other way?  Brothers were chosen Super Bowl MVP.  Peyton in XLI and Eli  the next year, XLII!
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Posted on: January 24, 2008 9:27 am

Personalities in NASCAR

I just finished reading an article about drivers' personalities and NASCAR wanting to let the drivers be themselves.  All I can think is "How freakin' long did it take you to figure that out?"  Brian France is a tool.  They broadcast races on delay anyway, that 7 seconds is enough time to censor if someone wants to call Kyle Busch a "Dumba$$."  I have seen TV shows with much worse language and violence than I have ever experienced while watching a race.  I would be glued to the TV if I thought I would get to see Harvick knock a couple of Montoya's teeth out.  It seems like NASCAR sold its core fans out, to become more "politically correct" and now they are trying to buy us back.  I will be thrilled when Brian France or "the Ringmaster" (as one of my fellow auto board posters dubbed him) decides to go back to the NASCAR of old, when men were men and racing was flaring with tempers! 
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